India . [part 3]


Well, contrary to the previous message, we’ve been through the worst period of our travel lately. Now we’re able to write more relaxed about it, but even for me there has been one moment where I thought: I don’t want to travel anymore. But hey, if you’ve been on the road for more than 1 year it’s maybe rather special that such a moment hasn’t occurred more often during all those months.

Okay, what was going on?
We happily left Agonda Beach in Goa to drive ‘just quickly’ to Delhi, collect two visas, and drive on to Pakistan. Despite the hurry, we slept at wonderful places and saw beautiful things on our way. Once in Delhi however, the drama started. To begin with, it turned out to be very difficult to find a hotel. That was quite tiresome, since driving through this 15 million people city is rather busy. But the worst part started at the Pakistani embassy when we tried to obtain a visa for Pakistan. We won’t bother you with all the details (just check out the last video below), but during the 11 times (!!!) we visited the embassy (and that’s without the visits to the Dutch, Swiss, and Iranian embassy), there were definitely moments of tears, helplessness, frustration, and rage. And to make the tragedy complete, we had a breakdown with the car in the middle of Delhi, and only the 3rd garage happened to be able to help us.

BUT, we survived, we’re looking forward to travelling again, and despite all the frustrations, we didn’t kill anybody. And since this afternoon our car is fixed and each of us has a Pakistani visa in his passport. Now we need to sleep on that. And tomorrow, we’ll check carefully our passports, to be sure it’s really true. 🙂

PS India remains a fantastic country to travel and we will certainly come back one day!

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  • 1. Roderick Oldfield  |  April 10, 2010 at 06:27

    Very interesting blog glad you are both well and your spirits are not crushed only dented a little

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