India . [part 2]


“And, how long do you plan to stay here?” “Oh, only two nights…” … did we answer almost two weeks ago. 🙂 And now we’re still here, on Agonda Beach in the province Goa. The setting: a large white sandy beach, coconut palm trees, our car 50m away from the sea and next to us lots of very nice overlanders. Every morning, the bread man arrives honking on his bike to bring freshly baked bread, someone sells drinking water every three days and empty (beer)bottles get picked up by the rubbish-ladies. The pigs eat what we release behind the bushes (…), you can see dolphins swimming from time to time, and you’re surrounded by shining plankton when you go swimming in the sea at night. We spend our days having breakfast, playing Frisbee in the water, chatting, reading, chasing cows and crows, eating dinner and laughing. So time flies and a day passes by so quickly that you can’t really tell what you’ve been doing. Excellent!

We must admit, this hasn’t much in common with the ‘real’ India. But at the moment we find that perfectly fine. On March 17th it’s been exactly one year since we’ve started our journey. So one also wants to be less culturally active at some point and just be lazy. And maybe it’s even a good thing to save our energy. Because all the other overlanders here drive in the opposite direction than we do. So they came through Iran, Pakistan and will be driving to Chennai to – guess what – ship their car. And according to these experienced experts the south here is peanuts compared to how people and traffic are in the north. So the real adventure might still awaits us when we leave this paradise! For that reason we totally enjoy the dolce far’ niente.

As a result, there are less things to update. What we can tell is that we’ve modified the information in TRIP on our website. And Alexandra is busy with her idea to offer her services as a travel psychologist. The baby already has a name: travellizer (a combination between travelling and advisor). The concept is to offer travellers who have certain questions (ranging from individual career advice to conflicts in the relationship) the option to get coached abroad. Getting in contact is possible by internet, mail, or Skype. At first, it’s the idea to offer the service for free to try out if there’s enough demand and if it’s fun and feasible to do. Everyone’s free to give what he thought it was worth it afterwards, of course. Are you interested in knowing more about the development of travellizer? Check or look for ‘travellizer’ on Skype, Twitter and Facebook. I’d say, to be continued!


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