Holland – [end of the world trip]


It’s already been more than 7 months since we came back from our world trip. But it still feels as if we’ve just arrived. The memories are still very fresh. 15 months on the way, 65’000km driving overland, through 26 different countries. Unforgettable!

The adventure AFTER our journey was as least as big as during the trip. 😉 We won’t bother you with the details. But there’s one thing we’d like to share with you. Because we sold Meopar, our Toyota LandCruiser last week. The new owners, Lotte & Bas, felt love at first sight. That gives us a good feeling (beside the sadness, of course). And their wild travel plans (to Africa for sure and after that maybe to Asia) sound very cool as well. So we’re glad for them to be the new owners and we’ll certainly follow their adventures from a distance.

For the finishing of this world trip, a tribute movie for Meopar, our loyal travel companion that brought us from Groningen to Shanghai via the northern silk road and back to Holland via the southern silk road. We’ve had a great time with this car that was so much more to us than just a bunch of metal.

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