Cambodia . [part 3]

Better late than never we’d like to wish everyone… guess what… happy Holidays! We’ve got no picture with Christmas hats on our heads and a plastic Christmas tree next to a palm tree. But you’ll probably understand we’re not really in a Christmas mood with the tropical temperatures around 30°C… 🙂 Each time we saw some (incredibly ugly) Christmas decorations, it reminded us that it’s Christmas at home and there’s snow! Otherwise we would have kept forgetting it…

Speaking about Christmas:
We could pick up our car as a Christmas present on December the 26th. Happy, happy, joy, joy! HAHA. No really, we were so glad to have it back and still have to get used to its new look. Check our movies below to see it yourself. Adrian (Alexandra’s brother) modified them a bit, as he’s done so often already. Thanx a lot, Bruderherz!

1) How was the backpacking with Tjalling?

We travelled about 1 week together and had a lot of fun and sports going on. We visited the south of Cambodia and hiked a few times (once we even climbed some rocks with flip-flops – never try this at home!), rode a bicycle (I didn’t realize I had missed it that much!) and snorkelled. After that week we returned to Phnom Penh and Tjalling went on travelling by himself.
Looking back I quite liked the backpacking for a change, but I was also veeeery glad when the car was fixed. Firstly we didn’t have to drive with our hired motorbike anymore in Phnom Penh (I feel a lot safer with a bit of metal around me) and we could go on as real overlanders. 😉

2) How much longer do you plan to travel and where do you want to go?
Sorry for everyone who’s looking forward to us getting back as soon as possible. Because we changed our mind and will be travelling about till the end of April (to get back in Groningen at the best time of the year).
And as we wrote some time ago, we’d like to drive all the way back home. So after India we’d go quickly through Pakistan (if safe), Iran (dito), Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland. Check our route on our website at MAP. The blue line’s where we plan to travel, green’s where we’ve already been, and the sun indicates where we are at the moment! How we’ll get to India, we still don’t know for sure. But as soon as we know, you’ll be the first to know, haha!

3) Do you still sleep in the roof-tent?
Since China we haven’t done that for a looong time, because it was either too crowded (China), quite cheap to stay in hostels (Laos), or the roof rack was not stable enough (Cambodia). But as it’s been fixed lately, we camped on a amazing spot in Thailand, the very first night we got there. More about that in the next post. 😉


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