Travellizer – your personal coach around the globe. Actually I invented this (free!) service myself during our world trip. Just check the website for more information about it!
De Zwerver – coolest travel book store in Groningen!
Dim Sum Reizen – the travel agency that helped us enter China by car. Considering the price of crossing China by car, it’s worth checking out several operators (such as Navo Tours for example) before booking!
Shanghai Tattoo – in case you want to get a tattoo while in China 😉
Wikitravel – a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable worldwide travel guide. Also available in Dutch and German
Free Garmin maps – just choose the regions you need and receive a mail with a detailed map a few minutes later. The maps are for free AND better than the Garmin World Map – and I know what I’m talking of, I’ve tried both!
JVC car repair in Phnom Penh (Camobodia). We found this garage by chance and were extremely happy with it. These people work very professional for an affordable price. We had so many things done at this garage that our car stood there for a whole month! By the way, it’s part of a Japanese volunteer programme and there’s a technical school attached where they teach and train Cambodians to be mechanics. An exceptionally well working foreign aid project! (N11 35.487 E104 55.675)
Auto Kashyap in Delhi (India). If you’re looking for a reliable garage to get your car fixed. We tried several garages and this one was definitely the best! (N28 33.222 E77 16.024)
Touran Zamin a tour and travel website that helps with the Iranian visa application.
Supermagnete – a website we haven’t used ourselves, but it’s been useful to several overlanders we know. Those super strong magnets can be used for many purposes in the car instead of screws or other wholes-in-your-car-needing stuff. 😉
Around the Globe – a Dutch website made for and by travellers full of very useful tips and news.



Horizons Unlimited – a wonderfull website full of usefull stuff for overlanders!!! Check the post about Camping Worldwide and go to the last page. There you’ll find a downloadable file with all the camping sites on the world.
• list of our campingspots coming soon! If you’re in a hurry and would like to get them now already, just send us a message via Contact. 😉

HOTELS & co.

Guesthouse Oasis – THE meeting point for overlanders in Mongolia. (N47 54.694 E106 58.871)
Penpark Place – Quiet hotel in Bangkok and yet central in a nice neighbourhood with a good parking space. (N13 45.939 E100 29.860)
Histana Hotel – hotel in Klang (nearby Kuala Lumpur) with a large parking lot and very helpful staff. A handy place to stay when you’re about to ship your vehicle from Port Klang to somewhere else on this planet… (N3 03.067 E101 27.755)
Tag und Nacht Homestay in Kochi (Fort Cochin, Kerala). By far the nicest guesthouse we’ve been to in India! Vehicles can safely be parked on the street. (N39 55.606 E116 27.008)
Orient Hotel – a lovely hotel in the centre of Yazd, where also other overlanders stayed for the night. (N31 54.016 E54 22.167)
TripAdvisor – provides recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns, vacations, travel packages, travel guides and lots more! We mostly use it to write reviews afterwards though… 😛 The site is also available in Dutch and German
Couch Surfing – a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. We tried it out in Russia and Cambodia and it was great both times!



Eveline & Max from Holland. She’s a former colleague and good friend of mine. They travel along the Silk Road from Holland to China.
Gaelle, Laurent, Evan and Nathalie from the French part of Switzerland. This family travels nearly the same route as we did one year before. What a nice coincidence!
Jue Sheng from Shanghai in China. He was 53 years old, by the time we met him in Pakistan, and travels during 6 years around the world by bicycle. Respect!
Nathalie & Jean from France travelling with their motorhome around the world during 4 years, providing a useful website in French, English, and Italian.
Sylvi & Wilm from Germany travelling with Bernd, their Mercedes bus around the world during 2 years.
Carmen & Martin from Switzerland travelling with their 40 years old Mercedes Hanomag around the world during 2 years.
Marc & John from America travelling by bicycle in India (at least for a start…)
Duncan, George, his brother Morgan, and a few more guys from Great Britain, Norway, and Germany travelling by motorbike around the world.
Isa & Sämi from Switzerland travelling by car around the world.
Marjos from Amsterdam travelling on her motorcycle to Mongolia and back home. The coolest anaesthesiologist I ever met!
The Hofstetters, aka Brigitte & Daniel, their son Etienne, and their dog Pippo from Switzerland travelling around the world in a former Swiss army truck (Bucher). They travelled almost the same route as us and we met them in 8 different countries during our travel.
Silvia & Daniel from Switzerland travelling frequently with their Toyota LandCruiser.
Otto Lindenau from Switzerland travelling through 18 countries by motorbike.
Helmut & friends from Germany travelling by car to Mongolia and back home.
Axel Bahr travelling from Berlin to Mongolia and back home by motorcycle within 4 weeks!
Mireille & Roger from Switzerland travelling by bicycle around the world.

Kristine & Antonio from Latvia & India who run the nicest guesthouse we found in India! Check out “Tag und Nacht Homestay” when you come to Kochi (Fort Cochin).
Mikael & Bee from Sweden & Laos who live in Savannakhet (Laos) and teach & run a duck farm.
Sibylle & René from Germany & Austria. Live in Mongolia since 1995 and run the coolest guesthouse in the country.


The Silk Roads by Paul Wilson
Eten, Bidden, Beminnen by Elizabeth Gilbert . (original: Eat, Pray, Love)
Ben je ervaren? by William Sutcliffe . (original: Are you Experienced?)
Vals Plat in de Oeral by Marc Hannemann, Sjoerd Keulen and Ronald Kroeze
The Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

A Route and Planning Guide Elizabeth Gilbert Are You Experienced? by William Sutcliffe by Marc Hannemann, Sjoerd Keulen and Ronald Kroeze The Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

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    Hallo Ihr Beiden,
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